Complete TDS Management Software

TdsPac is the complete TDS management software. Having domain expertise has helped us create a solution that has kept pace with the constantly changing requirements of the law and expectations of the over 5000 users. TdsPac helps you comply with the law, minimize errors and save time.

Integration with Accounting/ ERP Systems

TDS transactions necessarily arise from accounting transactions and find their way to the accounting / ERP software. TdsPac has over the years, mastered the techniques of importing TDS transactions from most popular Accounting softwares and ERP systems.

Keep Pace with changing legal Requirements

TdsPac, launched in 1999 has seen several changes happening in the TDS laws and has constantly delivered upgrades to keep pace with them. This makes TdsPac , most reliable TDS software to date. All such upgrades are given as FREE downloads.

Flexible and Easy to Use

Most of the features of TdsPac are parameterized . TDS process has been broken into logical steps and the each menu option resemble the logical step, making it very easy even for the first time user to get going.

TdsPac for SunSystems

A Financial Intelligence Solution from INFOR, TdsPac for SunSystems is a separate version for SunSystems Users.