Senthil Kumar S
Head, FastFacts
Senthil Kumar, a prudent CFO is the captain of the ship who plans, steers the company to its future goals by deterring the risks and implementing the strategies. He shoulders such responsibilities owing to his 20+ years of experience as a finance professional, gathering expertise in Taxation, Treasury Management, Legal, Statutory Compliances, Budgeting, and Cash Flow Management.
As the Business Head of Fast Facts, he has in every sense mastered the collaboration of Tax and Technology and revolutionized compliance management. His knowledge in taxation backed by his own experience of handling core compliance issues manifests into automated compliance solutions to benefit his own fraternity to focus on business and growth.
His proficiency lies in his dual ability of micro and macro-management. His eye for detail allows him to improve operations, productivity and his ability to look at the bigger picture impacts business growth and maximizes profits. With an in-depth understanding of finance procedures, he has built strong internal financial controls. He is an avid influencer, who uses financial data to influence operations decision-making and strategy.
Our Leadership Speaks
Paving way for Automation
Automation is now a part of all activities that are manual and time-consuming. Taxation is one such area that is also seeing the rise of automation in activities. This is a global revolution and many countries have benefitted from this digitalization. In India, automation is not an option rather a necessity. In our country only 1% of the population pays taxes. For the country to grow at least 10% of the population must fall under the tax bracket. Data Science, Robotic Process Automation, and the application of artificial intelligence have made the digitalization of tax management a reality.
With automation will come speed and accuracy. There will also be transparency which will, in turn, reduce litigations and release billions of rupees that are stuck in litigations. The next stage of tax management can be the direct reporting from the enterprise to the tax department. Thus automation will bring about the much-needed transparency and accuracy in tax management.